Achilleas’ story begins in 2012, when he dealt with trade in bartender tooling equipment at his first business steps. This project was his passage to the mass catering industry.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

Then, bar catering services followed. Achilleas owns one of the most popular cocktail bars in Thessaloniki, a van – mobile bar with catering services for any kind of event, and another van that has been transformed into a food truck to serve the most delicious gourmet street food. Along the way this idea was loved, creating the need for a permanent home. Mahalo is the place where people can enjoy everyday breakfast, brunch, lunch, street food and main courses. Achilleas was born and raised in Thessaloniki and studied journalism as he likes to communicate with people. The city center has been fascinating to him since he was child. This comes as no surprise as his father, a businessman for thirty years, has a parking in the city center. Achilleas follows the footsteps of his father. Behind his love and success in catering there is a special team. Forty loyal people, working with multinational company standards, join the focus of success in dining.

In order to develop his work and make a stronger team, he has created his own hiding place. A lab to create and taste new flavors. A place where the staff takes their break, relax and create new projects. Each of his bars are distinguished for their own unique services. Achilleas believes that the pioneering services gain  customers by educating them on standards that we have not seen in Thessaloniki so far. Apart from the great and tasty variety of cocktails in Gorillas, one of its characteristics is the music. People dance from early in the evening in the music’s rhythms and enjoy drinks, like popular Paloma. On the other hand, Mahalo will offer you unique street food tastes and wines from greek vineyards.

Achilleas was photographed by Dimitris Andritsos in his hideout, the place where he spends his day and new ideas are born. One of these will be our secret, a new Pop Up Bar with four unique types of Bloody Mary that will soon be housed on the same street.