New month and new people reveal their hideout to us.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

Last time I introduced you to Andreas, a collector who wears two rings on the small and on the ring finger. Everything happened so fast. Our first meeting came after our visit at Afroditi Bonatsou’s workspace.

The reason he agreed on showing us his home on The Hideout Project:

“I’m glad I got the chance to meet new, interesting and creative people”. He lives in the city center of Athens several years now, in a small house with a “great” view. The terrace is his favorite corner during the summer – there is a wooden minibar where he hangs out with his friends. His housespace is undivided, with only a couple of stairs dividing the living room from the bedroom. Right in front of the bed, you can enjoy the view of Acropolis with a glimpse.

In his living room there’s a TV, despite the fact that he doesn’t use it. In his spare time, he prefers watching Netflix.

He loves architecture an if you ask about his profession, he’ll answer back to you by saying “I try to make everyone’s daily life more beautiful”. Cooking is not one of his basic habits, because he commonly eats out.

His love for collecting got him to a place where now he owns plenty of artworks, from a variety of decades and places. One of those items is the spanish blue bulb, back from the 60s. He is an antique and vintage lover, he adores the color range and their admixture. He constantly redecorates his home by basically moving things around. His style is inspired by maximalism.

With Andy Warhol’s eccentric painting as a trigger, he mentioned that he admired his inventiveness, insightfulness and talent in commercialising his own art.

This painting is the last one the artist ever made before he dies in ’87. His favorite city is Naples, for its anarchy. He also loves Paris, where he found a painting by Fassianos which hangs on the wall above the door. However, he would rather live in London, because it makes him feel more familiar.  The most special place he’d ever been to is Iceland. The nature and the rocks of the place impressed him. He’s not a creature of habits. He likes evening walks. He prefers to live his life day by day. And if he had to choose only one, among the things around him, that would be a CD which his mother gave it to him years ago.

He thinks that if we try to improve ourselves every day, that’s a good start!