Andreas has about twenty years of dedicated cooking experience. His love for cooking turns into gastronomical pleasure.

by Dimitra DimitrioU

Together with his wife Sissy – who is a pastry chef, they decided to turn their home into a dining space. They gave it a name, and furnished it with a twelve-seater dining table where selected customers can enjoy their private cheffing. Uma is the new professional roof of Andreas and his family. Andreas graduated from the School of Tourism Management in Corfu, specializing as a Chef. He had been working in Thessaloniki’s restaurants and had participated in cooking activities. The idea of this modern gastronomical offering in Thessaloniki was born because of Andreas’ and Sissy’s need to spend more time with their beloved sons, Stratos and Nikos.

“Uma” means “one” in Portuguese. One and only is the company that can dine at Uma’s dinner table. However, the couple plans to organize a dinner in which 12 complete strangers can create their own, new and unique company. Every time Andreas enters the kitchen, it is a new challenge. As he says, “He is not so fond of the cooking and the baking process, than the sense of creation.” Good mood is always a source of inspiration for a chef. While he was preparing a salad of fresh strawberries and strikingly red cherry tomatoes, he was being photographed by Dimitris Andritsos in his hideout, which is no other than the kitchen, where he expresses his thoughts, imagination and creativity. If you assume we did not think about you, yes, you that you have managed to read this far, you are wrong! If you take a look at @thehideoutproject Instagram’s account you will find a giveaway for a delightful Chef’s Home-Experience at Uma, by Andreas Klaudianos.