She grew up with the dream of waking up and enjoying the sea out of the bedroom window. For the last five years, Annie lives her dream in Thessaloniki. Every morning, she gazes across the horizon of Thermaikos, the blends of the blue sea and sky.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

Annie has a fourteen-year-old son, Yiannis, she’s Nestor’s wife, a hotelier and a Personal development Advisor. Her life is shared in two seasons. Her job obliges her to live half of the year in Thessaloniki and the other half in Patmos. In Patmos, she has created with lots of love and passion a luxurious mansion, named “Archontariki”. Six month of the year lives there and enjoys the summer sun by the Aegean sea. Annie seems to follow beliefs of her life faithfully, as she has formed them. Her positive aura and her peace of mind are not accidental. In recent years, she attended neuroglossal programming, believes in good energy that can animate a person by giving life.

She is accustomed to use orgonite, an object that is made of mixture of metallic compounds and resin that collects and directs the energy of life. By placing on it a glass of water, for at least ten minutes, neutralizes any radioactivity, better transporting the nutrients to the body.

She guided us to her house. She left her bedroom, her hiding place, for the end. We, firstly, went in the white living room and then we continued with a childish mood in her son’s room. A family story hangs on the wall of the room, as the U.S. flag is heirloom of her great-grandfather, who fought in the United States, inherits the “purple heart”, a military mark. The forty eight five flag asterisks of the flag also betray its date, over the fifty current States. Crossing the main hallway, we reached the bedroom. As Anny crawled into bed as a child , Dimitris smiled and took photographs.

She quickly got up, opened the curtain and welcomed us in her own paradise, in the blue of the sea, which dominates her soul all year round.