Next to his name, only one title is definitely not enough to describe his identity. After a multiannual career, he has been distincted through his visual, graphic art and photography. He humorously mentions that in his next life, he’ll be a part of his favorite jazz band.

Classical music had shaped Aris’ education from his early age. His love for all kinds of art is everlasting. He was born and raised on Tsimiski Street. He cannot imagine his life away from the city center where he still lives. He studied architecture in Montpellier, France. Since 1977 he exhibits art and photography in several both individual and collective exhibitions in Greece and abroad. However, his main occupation is architecture, and then graphic arts and photography. Aris seems to have put his archives together and every following year he’ll surprise us with new projects. One of the most recent projects is “The Architecture of self. I take long but I learn”. The story of this last one, begun when the enigma of the word psycho-architecture came to the table. It is a project which pursues to describe the self through art and architecture of dimensions. In the meantime, another of his projects is connected with this book, known as “Ego by me”, a project full of self-photographies of himself in several times through his past life, each one followed by imaginative and funny titles. Among dozens of Ari’s books, behind the couch, I noticed, the book “Papamarkou and the surroundings”. This book is about the diptych portraits of handymen and traders from Athonos square captured by himself for the first time in 1979 and then, he repeated the same project, with the same surroundings, photos in full color now, in 1990. A project that outlines completely his past experiences.

Aris’ next exhibition, which will be on display from the beginning of next year, will be about the conflict between US and Russia. Photography shots of America in 1978 and Russia in 1990, will form an open gallery with forty years of memories. His collection of photographs exceeds 66,000 which are now stored in MIET. When he is concerned with something either experiential, or emotional, he makes the most out of it by creating.

His relationship with Dimitris Andritsos is already counting 10 years. Today, together again, photographing each other, in the same place, in the same position, both with more experience, they compose a special “hideout”. And therefore, hideouts are created by the people.