His temper about the types of art often changes, since his stimuli are so many that can easily justify his openness in each art form.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

As a child, he used to spent plenty of time  in the gallery his parents maintained to today, amongst artworks of distinguished artists. Eirmos Gallery is located on the corner of Karolos Dil Street and Nikis 17 Boulevard, since 1985. Although he studied to be an engineer, Dimitris prefers roaming among the artworks of his gallery’s seasonal exhibitions. When we met, his gallery was hosting the first part of a series of exhibitions under the title “Similar-Different: Pathways I”. This series consists of pieces made by Greek artists, such as Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas, Gaitis, Mytaras and is the result of a research studying the style of each artist as well their -often changing- route through the years. However, it is not just art that originates pure aesthetic pleasure to Dimitris. “I like what I think most people like: travelling, good food, the company of friends.” His travels around the globe clearly are a source of inspirations for his job.

At his place, art is in no way one-dimensional, and that we can easily notice, just by looking at the paintings on the walls. He loves colors and enjoys spending time relaxing in his orange, comfortable armchair. He confessed hiding in it when he chooses loneliness, whereas as a second spot he chooses his dining room, where he spends time with his friends. His figure looks familiar yet unique in Thessaloniki. One can’t easily forget the face with the thick mustache and the sideburns. Or rather because one can’t easily forget Dimitris’ word and kindness, which due to his great personality, distinguishes him from the rest.

He was photographed by Dimitris Andritsos. He revealed his hideout spot and talked about the special job he inherited. Dimitris gives his own point of reference through art, in an era when modern art history exists, thanks to collectors.