Exposure to the sun’s rays changes as the earth turns around the sun. The Earth’s axis is not perpendicular to the plane of circumference around the sun. This result gives us homogeneous – and sometimes not, climatic characteristics, which in a word we call it “seasons”. Seasons are connected to our minds with colors, smells and weather.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

So Evdokia, the girl who shares with us her hiding place, separated her rooms’ house about seasons. She decorated rooms thematically and she visits each of them according to her mood and the sunlight. You will find her in the front side of the house at the yogi room with the smell of sandalwood meditating.  At the back of the house, in her bedroom, that she express her childhood and liveliness through its intense colors.

She is only 26 years old, holds a degree in New Media & Communication, International & European Studies and has worked as a radio producer and freelancer marketing and branding. This period is in its most creative phase as it prepares a project called IOSMI. Her logo has an embossed nose, and soon the overseas market could “smell” her own candles with the aroma of essential oils and minimal design.

At the same time, she will soon get the Yogi title. In life, she likes to have many facets, full of interesting and new ideas. The hour before and after sleep, is considered sacred for Evdokia. She likes meditation and keeps her personal peacefulness every day. Nothing could chance her everyday life expect of something that interests her. As gracious presence and really friendly hostess, she welcomed us in her home with cool water with ginger and lime. With her “God,” I joke with the name of my beloved dog God, one of her best gift in life.

She was prepared to be photographed by Dimitris Andritsos‘s lens with different clothing sets, aesthetically harmonized with the rooms, we were ready to listen the “Hideout” playlist she prepared for us, Eve & God gave us a few hours of their unique world!