He has just returned from a trip to Rome, full of presents for friends and relatives. Among them, a wooden circularly spinning Pinocchio with a soft music melody, a gift to his mother, to whom shows a particular love.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

A walk at La Plaza di Spagna, the most popular staircase in Rome, made him buy a collector’s vinyl album by Hermes, inspired by the patterns of clothes.

He opened a bottle of white wine while introducing us to his beloved dog, Kelso – a cute Schnauzer, medium-sized and new aged, we were cheered to the experiences of the New Year.

He has many artworks at home, a New York painting, reveals the years he lived in America did not last for a few years in America. Four paintings on the wall symbolizing the four seasons, above the stairs. The red “acrobats”, a miniature of Kostis Georgiou’s work, stands out at the table. Amongst others, he distinguished the modern clock with the lamps placed on the fireplace, bought from his trip to the Netherlands to enrich his collection of clocks. His love for art was born out since his childhood. He was influenced by his aunt Aliki Telloglou, in whose home was often as child.

He still prefers a disc or a vinyl record, from playing audio through an online library. He likes Coldplay, film soundracks, especially by Alexandre Desplat and he relaxes, when he enjoys a cigar and Good Vibrations from The Beach Boys. He wakes up very early, watches the news, answers his emails and arranges his appointments. The Hideout of Konstantinos is the dining room. The place where he spends all of his early hour’s energy. He often goes to his office with his bike, enjoying the exercise and the colors of sun and sea at the waterfront. In conclusion, for him there are no steps leading to success but only the right genes! Konstantinos Zervas is delightful, but never enough to share with us what his keyhole is hiding.

Dimitris Andritsos photographed him in the truest and beloved corners of his home, as it would be with the “lights” off!