Kostis Karatzas is awarded the title “The Modernist” thanks to the modern, simple and implementable idea of starting a brand new boutique hotel in the heart of the city. We met him at street Ermou 32, in his new hideout place. He showed us around his boutique hotel, explaining the philosophy behind it.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

While walking on one of the most commercial streets of Thessaloniki, you will be impressed by the preservable building of the hotel. Its aesthetics is influenced by art deco and Danish design. Inside the building one can be impressed by its heigh ceilings and the preservation of authenticity, that maintain major elements of the pre existing building,  built in 1920. During their stay at the hotel, guests are provided with a package of amenities and services that make their accomondation unique. The aim of The Modernist  is to establish an identity in the city that will provide experiences and products that will highlight the greek talent, as well as the city’s entrepreneurship. Kostis created a team that makes every visitor’s trip unique, through the textures, scents and the aesthetics provided. How does such a creation impress? Since Kostis has studied Civil Engineering and Architecture in London. So, he sure is experienced enough to be able to distinguish the style that would fit most in the character of his hotel.

Kostis Karatzas, apart from being the founder of The Modernist, is also an administrative in various projects in Greece and abroad. Amongst others, he is the founder of The Greek Foundation, an organization aiming to spread the Greek culture globally. The way he talks shows his love for Thessaloniki, and his views express a modern philosophy. Through them, he tries to convey ideas that will help Greece blossom again. If he had to choose only one room as his own hiding spot, it would be the 607. Despite it not being the largest, he likes the comfort it provides anyways, and he considers it ideal right because this small room provides the exact same quality of amenities! In a creativity game by Dimitris Andritsos, Kostis wore a mask with the hotel’s logo and was photographed in his favorite hideout place!

P.S: In each room you will find a postcard with sketches of city sights. At the entrance of the lobby a black post box awaits you to post your own message!



modernist: a believer in or supporter of modernism, especially in the arts.