A bright, clean and bleary face welcomed that Sunday’s morning.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

She is an architect and has studied in Greece, Paris and U.S. She is outgoing and willing to meet and discuss with you. She likes to spend her free time with dear friends. She is partner in Urban Soul Project * with Tasos, Kostas and Stathis. Her name is Maria, Maria Tsaftari. Maria loves the city center of Thessaloniki and has chosen to live in its heart for the last few years. She has decorated her home by herself and has transformed many of her furniture, giving them a new art form and style. Her favorite furniture is the mirror in the living room, which was an old frame of her grandfather. Maria often watches exhibitions and concerts. She likes traveling and the last trip to remember is her recent visit with friends in Paris to watch a Rolling Stones concert.

In her place, she prefers black and white tones and often makes decorative changes. The plants on the table and next to the window give color and life to the living room. She likes and takes care of them. Her bedroom is the place where she hides to think, relax or even do absolutely nothing.

She finds herself often being absent-minded. Her white-colored room is like a blank canvas, a place to keep her connected with the present, without the need to get carried away in the abyss of lost thoughts.

Maria welcomed us, hosted a beautiful breakfast at her home and was photographed by Dimitris Andritsos to reveal her hideout.