In our first post of the new year, we welcome a talented, open hearted and hospitable person.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

“To me, a hideout is somewhere where I can be hidden but not isolated.” Markos. If the «The Hideout Project” was a game, then it definitely would be “The treasure hunt”. Each one of the personalities being interviewed, creates a veil of curiosity regarding the interview that will follow and what story they’ll have to tell us. Sometimes the treasure is hidden so well, and other times it is revealed with just a smile. A big smile such as Markos’. Markos, in the past few years, distinguishes as great businessman in the field of event planning. His business stands out for its resourceful creativity, imaginative projects and professionalism. For the past few years he lives in Athens, for his business duties, although he was born and raised in Thessaloniki. He loves equally both cities, each one for different reasons. In Thessaloniki, he can meet his beloved friends and collaborators and he always enjoys long walks by the seafront. On the other hand, Athens, for which he speaks with the same intensity, offers him anything he needs at any time and most importantly, he can develop his business which he is so passionate about. Time goes by and Markos is growing, both as a man and as a professional. Did he ever imagine that he will make it this far? He isn’t even certain if he is the one who chose his profession or vice versa. The answer is hidden in his past, when working as a waiter at a restaurant, he met a woman who refers to today as his teacher. What matters most to him today is that he had great mentors and a lot of luck.

«No job is difficult if you love it». Markos believes that it takes persistence and patie nce for someone to leave his mark. It’s important to gain experience, which requires time and attention to the details. If there’s something he’s afraid of professionally, that has to be time. After a long day, he takes his time to relax. In his home, with the incredible view and natural light, he lives the past seven years. “Our home must make us want to stay in and be hospitable and warm for us and the people we love and want to share it with, our beloved ones. He has more than one hiding places. In the morning, he chooses to sit by the fireplace, where he takes his morning coffee and organizes the day ahead. His bedroom with the view of Acropolis, is where he relaxes. Yet, he prefers relaxing with a glass of wine and certainly a hug. The interior of his home cannot be described by one specific style. He loves white, that’s kind of obvious! Every piece of decoration in his home is either bought or remodeled by him. Such as that yellow painting, which has a really good story to tell, with a great value for his owner, as it consists a piece of heritage. You can tell he loves books, as he has a great variety lying at his shelves. He claims to be an outgoing person. He loves traveling and to him that’s what culture is all about.  He loves going out for dinner with his friends as much as he enjoys cooking for them at home. We can surely confirm it, as he prepared for us a lovely dinner. He also enjoys a good movie, a nice walk, a small trip to Tinos, his favorite island, where he spends much of his free time.

His next business steps have a Cycladic scent. Sometime soon he would like to do something in Tinos, his island, so he can gaze the sea every day. We wish him the very best!