“Looking at the truth, is the secret of success in life.”

by Dimitra Dimitriou

Melina was born and raised in Thessaloniki, the city where her father founded his first shoe store in 1966. She lived for several years in Florence and New York where she studied fashion design. She has a 10-year-old daughter, Eliza. Among with her brother, she maintains and develops the family business of footwear and leather accessories, which we all know, NAK Shoes.

Her influence in this way, her father. She said, “We’ve learned to work from 5 years old!” When Melina was a child she helped to the shop by bringing the boxes of shoes to the cashier.

You would think that her closet has hundreds of shoes, but she is practical. She likes comfort and elegance. She revealed her own “hiding place”. Chose her favorites Bally’s collection loafers and was photographed by Dimitris Andritsos at her home.

Melina hides all her secrets in her bedroom. This is also the part of home where she feels safe and relaxed.  Among the items that decorate her house, I picked out her favorites. The two paintings on the wall behind the livings room’s sofa. She revealed to me that they are abstract art which was created by Eliza and herself. If she didn’t tell me, I would have thought it was a famous painter’s work of art! Also, a porcelain doll with a light green dress, which is a souvenir from her mother.

Through her personal and professional experience, she believes that nothing holds forever. Secret of success is to look at the truth. I believe that this is Melina’s attributes, she knows how to set limits. Although she is generous, very hospitable and emotional, she is characterized by logic and discipline.