In the heart of the city, on the top floor of an apartments building and with the scent of the sea as it blows, Nassos Andreopoulos lives in an elegant apartment that looks like an executive suite. In fact, that was the first intension of the designer, to turn his “hiding place” into a unique suite, like a boutique hotel.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

The wooden floors at the living room, the impressive and spindly fireplace and finally the composition on the wall with various old objects that he collects, are blended harmoniously in an elegant style. The balcony looks like an extension of the living room as it follows the interior design of the house. As you should see, Nassos posed in the armchair where he spends his summer nights. Indeed, he says that the outside space isn’t yet ready. Imagine! Why am I referring to the aesthetics of his home? I think that for Nassos there is aesthetic or not. There is nothing to be tasteful and something else not. This may be the reason for his timelessness; everything that he chooses for himself is shared through his plans. While he is being photographed by Dimitris Andritsos in his beloved, velvet armchair – he seems to use to sit there- I notice the countless portraits, many books around the place, Kleopa in the glass – a black goldfish, fashion magazines aligned with geometric precision and photos, perhaps the most important moments, awards in fashion shows, his mother and a few more when he was a child.

Nassos Couture is at Metropolitou Iosif Street, on the road of the most popular women’s clothing stores.

His creations are pioneering and that’s why they stand out at the length of his career. He has won people of Thessaloniki with his style in women’s clothing. Sofia Loren and Sharon Stone are international names of celebrities who have worn his clothes.

The guarded secret of his success is that he likes to design everyday! So every cloth that he designs is unique.

His everyday life closes in his own hideout, in his home, or in another words in his personal suite.