Greece, Cyprus, Brazil and France are some of the countries that honored and hosted for many years psychiatrist’s works, Pavlos Vassiliadis.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

His love for art has existed since he remembers painting for the first time. His talent got recognized by his family when he was five years old while he painted a dog. He followed his father’s profession, as did one of his two sons. He never stopped painting, he incorporated his two loves instead, medicine and painting into a new healing remedy. Constellations and mythology are the basic themes in his works. His art has an abstract idea and his art basically reflects human brain’s memories. Earth’s colors and sea’s waves combined with the greek mythological adventures, come along with the brain games which are being exposed through his works. The ink’s blue color stands out the deep blue color of the sky and sea of ​​his works. With this blue he seals his works.

In addition, another view of his works is in the day light and night’s light. Using a special substance, the psychiatrist’s works gain new interest in black light. Every Friday you will find him in his workshop – where we also met him – lecturing lessons to groups of people who love art.  Every project for Pavlos Vassiliadis works as a chain for the next. If you notice any past work of the painter, you will find an element of a new one. Memories, relationships, people and nature work circularly and ambiguously for the painter on an artistic rig that describes the cycle of life.

At Pavlos Vassiliadis atelier “are hiding” the works of the last forty years. He guided us through these with little narratives for every artwork and was photographed in his hiding place’s corners by Dimitris Andritsos.