Today I will talk to you about the young, highly energetic and talented Pella Christina Papachristou, also known as a fashion designer for her own personal brand, named PCP.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

She starts her day taking a look at her emails, then she prepares her breakfast full of protein. After that she works in the office and she goes at the gym and finally she goes out at the evening. Her daily program sounds somewhat repetitive, but Pella is not an ordinary girl. She likes gym very much and she prefers to do sports in her free time because in other way she just gets bored! PCP is a healthy family business, in which Pella is the Creative Manager and she is mainly involved in performing editorials. The eco friendly quality and the ethos to the costumers distinguishes PCP brand. We have decided to change as many PCP sets while the new Spring/Summer series can hide in vivid, intense colors and glitter.

While she wears the next set, a full body, I notice her tattoos. Quite a few! A tropical tree, the peace’s sign , a flower and waves create her following song.

“I’m a Tropical Girl

With a peace in my heart

Flowers in my soul

Spreading aloha waves all over the world “

“You came up with all these, all by yourself?” I ask her. “Yes!” She responded with enthusiasm, being already dressed up! Dimitris Andritsos, for whom she was photographed for The Hideout Project, captured her in her favorite home’s hideout! Pella, without a second thought, runs on her couch, her corner, where she hides with her blanket and relaxes.

Behind her,  you will see a world map, her also beloved!