The memories from the apartment of Mitropoleos 37 st. Begin since 1975, when Stellina’s father, Vasileios Troianos, bought the house.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

Unfortunately, his loss some years ago left this appartment empty. Stellina’s decision to turn this apartment into a law office in 2013, brought life back to a place full of emotionally valuable objects, reviving tons of family stories that had been rotting in old drawers. Among the most busy streets of Thessaloniki, along with the flat’s owner, Stellina, we meet her lawyer friend, Zoe Koumbi. Two sweet ladies, partners in business and fellow travellers in life, sharing plenty of common interests, welcomed the Hideout team in their “place”. Stellina guided us around the place with the seven rooms. Altough she spends most of her time at her office, her favorite place is the kitchen. It reminds her of the times spent there with her family. If she could only keep two things from this home, it will surely be a book of her father and his unfinished pack of cigarettes. Makes us wonder, do homes represent people or vice versa?

The house opened its doors for the Open House Thessaloniki and its interior raised people’s interest, which remains the same since 1949. The first owner of the house was mr. Makris, owner of the factory and historical building of  the industrial heritage, Yfanet. Despite the fact that she mainly carries out the profession of a lawyer, she is active as the President of Graduates Association and Thessaloniki’s French Institute’s Friends, Nouvelle Amicale. She takes part in many projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of France for the book and movie club. In her free time, you’ll meet her playing “easy listening” tracks at Coq au Zen bar. Besides, her passion about french trends, titles, names can’t be hidden. Soon enough she’ll be in a new project regarding the history of perfumery – surely from some French influence! Other days she enjoys dancing in latin rhythms, and as her close friend Zoe claims, she is excellent at tango! At the end of a very busy day you may meet her watching a good movie at the cinema. Besides, Olympion is right at her feet!

Both very enjoyable, willing to show us even the most hidden places of the house and especially to open their hearts. Dimitris Andritsos’ lens loved them and captured them on an ordinary day at the office.