She paints, draws, papercuts, plays the bass and, like any other visual artist, is passionate about everything she does.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

While she guides me in her atelier, I notice her touching the cutter very carefully on the patterns of the paper; I notice the dedication that she shows to her artwork. It is nice to walk around Theano’s house, especially if you were born in the 90’s and you get touched with memories. One of the objects which made me feel nostalgic for my childhood was the Viewmaster in her library.

While listening to the tune of Superfly by Curtis Mayfield, I met the most proud cat I have ever met named Froggy, Theano’s dear roommate who was looking down on what was about to happen.

The girl who sometimes is idle and some other times creative, the one that paints in the mornings and plays the bass for the Craang band in the evenings -you will soon find her at the Seasick Surf band as well. The Fine Arts graduate “Theanogi”, as you will come across her on social media, posed for Dimitris Andritsos’ lens using her fantasy and showed us her endless hypocritical talent.

She revealed to me that her living room is one of her hideouts. As she says, “It’s where I sit back listening to music with a bit of tea and sympathy”. I forgot to tell you that she’s very kind, hospitable, and affectionate. Those characteristics highlight this talented, young girl. Back to her hideout. Due to her obsession to re-arrange the interior of her home, she finds it difficult to choose only one hiding place. You can instantly distinguish her insatiable passion for collecting stuff, as in every corner of her home you will find insignificant inanimate and non, objects. However, they are not insignificant, they’re her art. Her most beloved items are hidden well.  A small bottle of her grandmother’s perfume, as well as, a pair of scissors with which she taught her how to sew with.

May her beloved grandmother’s spirit keep inspiring her, so she can create more artwork such as her latest painting, “Eve”.