An enviable loft with a unique view of the city center can steal your heart, as in the case of Dimitris. He loves the center and chose this apartment as he thinks it suits him perfectly.

by Dimitra Dimitriou

After a long day at his hair salon that he owns in the city center, he takes half an hour to relax, meditate, and he’s ready for a restart. These moments of relaxation you will find him in his living room. Comfort and simplicity describes this beautiful open plan apartment. The decoration of the house is simple, revealing the male presence. White walls, without many objects, brightly lit by the glow of the sun. At the entrance  you will see the olive tree, which is also Dimitri’s favorite. However, today’s “hideout” is not just a hideout revelation but also a tribute to female beauty and reality, through the eyes of an expert on the feminine care. “Our image is very important, and our hair is very important for our image.” The idea of ​​becoming a hairstylist was born many years ago because of his mother. For Dimitris, beauty was the evolution of the human species and after so many years his professional progress confirms this belief of his. “When we have nice hair we really feel very beautiful, I have heard it thousands of times. When someone feels handsome, he is confident, he is in a good mood. Hair also, depending on the style, give prestige and personality to people, constituting the only accessory that can be greatly overturned. So, it’s very important to a person’s psychology, and I experience it every day!”

Dimitris, through his experience, believes that someone, in order to be distinguished as a professional, he must firstly have a high aesthetics. The artistic eye is something that is not taught and for success it requires patience, hard work and persistence. Dimitris wants to always be improved and pursue the culture of the time. He believes in refreshment and he finds no reason for someone to be afraid of change, because things are changing all around us and we also change at the same time! Father of three beautiful kids, he supports individual freedom by supporting that the future of children is completely their own choice. Their relationship is friendly and is characterized by love, sincerity and protection.

He chose to reveal his “hidding place”, describing the “The Hideout Project” as a clever, inspirational project for every reader, uniquely featured by Dimitris Andritsos’s lens.